India's 24 Karat Gold Ice Cream worth Rs 1,000 at Huber & Holly, Bandra (Mumbai) | Food Review

EXPERIENCE WORLD-CLASS HANDMADE FRESH DESSERTS & EXCLUSIVE ICE CREAMS AT HUBER & HOLLYIndulge in exotic classy freshly churned ice creams and desserts with lip-smacking delicious food at Huber and Holly, which I guarantee will give you the most satisfying, pleasant and extremely heavenly feeling in the world. During my entire time spent at this Ice cream/ dessert parlor, I had an effortless smile on my face. This outlet is located in a building right opposite St. Theresa School in Bandra West Mumbai. The ambiance is elegant, attracting a very affluent good crowd and they have both AC indoor and outdoor table seating area where the spaces are smartly utilized, lovely decor and my most favorite was the entire station, placing of breathtaking assortments and live churning of the icecreams, endless toppings, sprinkles, and Huber crumbs, along with such awesome ice cream pastries on display.
The entire space was extremely clean, neat and chic, the hygiene level was excellent. Now wh…

Homemade Easy Caramel Pudding Recipe

Homemade Easy Caramel Custard Recipe Cooking Time 15 minutes
3 large eggs 3 cups whole milk 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 2 Tbsp Custard powder 11/2 cup sugar, divided
Directions for cooking:
Step 1: Making of Caramel - In a nonstick saucepan, take 3/4 cup of sugar and on low flame melt the sugar, until it gets a golden glaze.
Step 2: Add caramel in custard bowl Once you get a golden glazed caramel start pouring it in custard bowls and let it set and cool down for 10 mins
Step 3: Custard Mixture Now in a pan add 3 large cups of milk and heat it till it is medium hot, do not bring it to a boil. Switch off the gas and now in this lukewarm milk, add remaining sugar and eggs and whisk it well then add custard powder and vanilla essence. Whisk till you get a nice creamy smooth texture with no lumps at all. The mixture should be super smooth.
Step 4: Pour this mixture in the custard bowl and allow it to set for 2 - 3hrs. Refrigerate for better taste.
Indulge and enjoy creamy caramel custard.  For …

HAS South Bombay at The ORB Mumbai | Food Review

Enjoy Luxury Experience With Budget Friendly Local South Indian Food at The ORB Mumbai
HAS South Bombay is located in the vicinity of a luxury hotel JW Marriott Sahar near Chhatrapati Shivaji Mumbai International Airport, at the finest mall The ORB in Mumbai. The ORB has one of the best food courts in the city and HAS South Bombay is on the ground floor.  The ambiance and location of the restaurant are really elegant and beautiful. It's a spacious restaurant with simplistic seating arrangements. 

The staff is courteous sweet and very friendly, they guided us throughout the menu to select the best pick and the prices are also good. The service was also very quick. The presentation of the food can be improved but looking at the simplicity of the place I still felt it was good. This particular outlet has both HAS juices and South Bombay - which serves the best of south indian cuisine food so you can enjoy delicious juices and shakes along with your meals and snacks. 

Now coming to the …

MonQo - Serves The Best MilkShakes Ever!

Milkshakes Just Got A Brand New Makeover  at MonQo
MonQo is one of the popular brands for serving some amazing variety of shakes in India. Their journey started from Kerala where alone they have around 6 branches which grew in no time. Now the brand has extended further to cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai. Recently I had the opportunity to visit its Mumbai outlet and I must say I was definitely impressed with the quality of food and beverages. 

Located in a narrow lane near the Bata store, Hill Road Bandra West Mumbai, MonQo does have a great curated menu that serves continental, Fast Food & Beverages even the steaks, burgers, snacks, sandwiches, Kathi rolls are extremely delicious. What you will really enjoy about MonQo is the casual relaxed vibe of the place which is mainly because of its sweet welcoming staff. The staff is really cool, you can actually have a conversation with them, plus they also guide you through the menu to help you pick your meals. 

Even though the place might …

Women's Car Rally 2020 #DriveToDiscover at Ananta Ecostays Resort

Celebrate The Spirit of Womenhood At This Weekend Getaway DestinationIf you are an avid follower of my blog then I am sure you remember My First Camping/Glamping trip blog post at Ananta Ecostays Resort in Khodala Village. Recently I revisited this resort for an all Women's Car Rally #DriveToDiscover event which was organized by the Ananta Ecostays team. At this event around 25 women driven cars participated in the rally from Mumbai till Khodala which was held on 1st and 2nd Feb 2020. 

The flag of the race was done by the gorgeous Actress/ Writer Nivedita Tiwari who motivated the participants before the rally. There were local Indian drummers to cheer and raise the energy levels of women participants.

All these power women were so up their game and used the perfect skills and techniques to win the rally. Every participant had to follow the map and complete tasks on the go to make the event more exciting. Sanjjari Kashyap and Falguni Parmar were the winners of the rally, each of thes…

Indulge In Drooling Temptations At Caramel Patisserie - The Park Hotel Juhu Mumbai

Amazing Desserts You Can't Resist At The Park Hotel Juhu
Whenever you are craving for something mindblowing and out of the box desserts then Caramel Patisserie & Cafe is the perfect place to go. Located at The Park 5 Star Luxury Hotel in Mumbai Juhu, this Patisserie is a hot spot to enjoy delicious macarons, signature handcrafted exclusive chocolates, cakes, pastries, freshly baked breads and much more... They also have customized seasonal passion fruit desserts menu, like right now for all strawberry lovers they are hosting Strawberry Specials - strawberry basil macaron, dark chocolate strawberry truffle, handmade chocolate bars with dried strawberry, strawberry dome mousse cake etc... 

Be it the service or staff everything is top class here, where the entire team is extremely humble, polite and friendly. The ambiance is beautiful and the place attracts elite sophisticated crowd. In terms of prices, it is moderately priced and hence adds more value to your overall experience a…

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