India's 24 Karat Gold Ice Cream worth Rs 1,000 at Huber & Holly, Bandra (Mumbai) | Food Review

EXPERIENCE WORLD-CLASS HANDMADE FRESH DESSERTS & EXCLUSIVE ICE CREAMS AT HUBER & HOLLYIndulge in exotic classy freshly churned ice creams and desserts with lip-smacking delicious food at Huber and Holly, which I guarantee will give you the most satisfying, pleasant and extremely heavenly feeling in the world. During my entire time spent at this Ice cream/ dessert parlor, I had an effortless smile on my face. This outlet is located in a building right opposite St. Theresa School in Bandra West Mumbai. The ambiance is elegant, attracting a very affluent good crowd and they have both AC indoor and outdoor table seating area where the spaces are smartly utilized, lovely decor and my most favorite was the entire station, placing of breathtaking assortments and live churning of the icecreams, endless toppings, sprinkles, and Huber crumbs, along with such awesome ice cream pastries on display.
The entire space was extremely clean, neat and chic, the hygiene level was excellent. Now wh…

Khow Chow Bandra West Mumbai Restaurant Review

Khow chow is your one-stop destination to taste and experience a variety of Pan Asian Multi Cuisine food. Every dish served here is bang on presentation and it is packed with outstanding flavours. This restaurant is located at Waterfield, Linking Road, Bandra West and it attracts a very affluent crowd. It also tops the list in being one of my favorite restaurants for Asian cuisine. If you are a Chinese Thai Asian food lover and looking for something light and healthy then you will definitely love the food here. Even though this is not a very spacious restaurant, still there are smart interiors and spaces created. The ambiance of this place is also very pleasant, with light music playing in the background and attractive graffiti on the walls to enhance the elements of the traditional Asian cuisine atmosphere.

The restaurant has table service where the staff is very welcoming, friendly and courteous. It's good if you have pre reservat…

My Froyoland - Land of Your Frozen Yogurt Dreams Food Review

Make Your Own Mix of Froyos at MyFroyolandIndulge in drooling guilt-free premium quality Froyo's at MyFroyoland, a swirl filled with health and happiness. There are various benefits of eating froyo's such as it is a good source of calcium and protein, it is relatively low in fat and calories to help promote healthy weight loss, it contains enzymes that help in digestion, it has 'good bacteria' to boost your immune system and many more such health benefits. One such brand that serves amazing froyo's is Myfroyoland where you can get a variety of flavours along with unlimited toppings. The brand has many stores across India and recently I had the opportunity to visit its Khar West outlet located at the main Linking Road opposite Citywalk.

 The ambiance of this store was very pleasant, the decor had subtle pastel colors to give you a feel of the froyo dreamland and the store attraction is the beautifully painted wall with colorful angel wings. There was both outdoor an…

Night Owl? Try This Natural Home Remedy To Get Good Night Sleep

Turmeric Milk Remedy To Help You Relax And Get Better Sleep
Are you struggling to sleep in the night? Personally, I am a night owl myself, I love to watch the stars, the moon and I enjoy the silence in the night. All my reading, writing, listening to music, catching up on daily news/events, watching Netflix and planning my routine for the next day happens late at night. Even if i am in bed by midnight, i don't tend to fall asleep too easily and my energy levels are kind of high even in late hours where normally people are fast asleep.  
So one of my Ayurveda doctor friend suggested this remedy, I tried and it worked for me so I thought of sharing it here for all you lovely souls out there who are struggling to sleep in the night. Well, you will need to do alot more than just having this remedy which I will be suggesting. For example: you will need to disconnect with all digital devices such as your TV, Mobile phones, laptops etc... atleast an hour before you are trying to sleep. Pre…

What is Conscious Food and how can it change your life?

What is Conscious Food and how can it change your life? Food for thought! Are you feeding your soul, or just feeding your body?In this digital age we are caught up in our fast paced busy lifestyle, where we tend to ignore our health and imbibe unhealthy eating habits, constantly increasing levels of unnecessary stress, depression and become more prone to diseases. We have stopped feeling our inner soul light and listening to our natural inner consciousness, which keeps knocking every time we tend to knowingly or unknowingly harm ourselves. Our poor choices and not being consciously aware is the root cause of all our problems.

So it’s really important to ask yourself how aware are you? Will, you only take action when an illness arises in your body and it’s too late? Or will you make a decision now and be responsible for your overall well being? Remember when you fall sick or go through your low’s it’s not just you alone who suffers but also the people who truly love you; they suffer equal…

Boojee Cafe Review- A Brand New Chic Cafe at Carter Road Bandra West Mumbai

Only Good Vibes at the Boojee Cafe Normally I and my colleague, we meet up for evening walks, meetings, and light-minded conversations to help expand our business. Well, this time when we were deciding our next meeting spot, we agreed to explore and try a new cafe joint which we had recently spotted in our area called the Boojee Cafe.

At first, Boojee sounded like a very interesting new word for me, and even the look and feel of the cafe was like an underground nice quaint cafe look with a beautiful combination of simple Black and White. So as soon as i entered the cafe, I and my friend were very curious to know what Boojee exactly means? and what we learned from the staff that it actually means a luxurious lifestyle yet with humble beginnings. In terms of ambiance, the entire cafe had these beautiful graffiti on the walls and it had these inspiring quotes of wisdom which was the perfect food for thought.

Boojee Cafe had both AC indoor and Non AC outdoor limited seating areas, the entir…

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